2017 Calder Cup winners – how close were the Springfield teams?

When I say the Springfield teams, I’m talking about both the existing ones and the former ones. Current Thunderbirds and the former Tuscon Roadrunners. I guess Falcons leaving Springfield for Tuscon might have even been a good things, seen how it means that we now have two teams to cheer for. But how did they […]

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Tuscon Roadrunners vs Springfield Thunderbirds friendly match?

As an avid fan of the Springfield Falcons, this season I felt a little bit left out when I couldn’t see any of their games. Let’s remind ourselves that the Falcons, team that called Springfield, Massachusetts and the MassMutual Center their home for over 20 years, and even longer as the Springfield Indians, was sold […]

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Join the Springfield Falcons booster club Facebook page

I realize that people are slowly losing their interest in Facebook. Let’s face it, Facebook isn’t what it used to be. This post however isn’t about Facebook and how bad it has become. No, today I’d like to plug a Facebook group, the Springfield Falcons booster club Facebook page where some of the die hard […]

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