Falcons AHL is a website made in honor of the Springfield Falcons, a former AHL hockey team which was sold and relocated to Tucson, back in 2016. Now they are known as Tuscon Roadrunners, but there is still plenty of people here in Springfield, Massachusetts who are still very much fans of the former Springfield Falcons.

With this website we are hoping to honor the team, and also to reach out and get in touch with other fans of the Falcons who still live in Springfield. We realize that we now have the Springfield Thunderbirds, which came over to us from Portland. There are those who have taken a liking to the new team that took up MassMutual as their home, but not us.

I guess you can say that we are stubborn, or we are just very loyal fans. We know that the chances of Falcons coming back to Springfield are pretty slim, but we cans till hope, can’t we know. Plus, even if they don’t return back home, we will still have this website, as a safe place where we can chat, exchange messages and just have fun in general.