Are the fans cozying up to the Springfield Thunderbirds?

Hey there everyone, Claudia here. Over the past almost a year it seems, we here at the Falcons AHL website have been trying to interest people into our agenda of getting the Springfield Falcons, or should we say Tuscon Roadrunners to come back to Springfield, where they have been for as long as we can remember. We’re still a small bunch, and due to work and personal reasons, we don’t exactly have time to campaign and promote our mission as much as we want and probably should promote in order for us to have any kind of success. However, it would seem we have our work cut out for us.

Are the fans cozying up to the Springfield Thunderbirds?

What I’m referring to is this piece of news that has been making the rounds recently in the minor league hockey circles which says that the Springfield Thunderbirds, the new team that has found its home in MassMutual since 2016/17, has won an award for excellent attendance numbers. what this means is that people have really started to warm up to the Springfield Thunderbirds. They are coming out and cheering for the team in record numbers.

This is good for the new team, and for the future of hockey here in Springfield. We are pleased to hear that the new team is doing well. Of course most of us from the FalconsAHL website have been to every game, and have helped in breaking the attendance records that the team has been awarded for. We don’t have anything against the Thunderbirds.

The few souls here at the FalconsAHL website have grown up with the Springfield Falcons. We’re stubborn millennials who are nostalgic of what we had. We’ll get used to the Thunderbirds, but we felt that we needed to show to the former Springfield Falcons that they are still in our hearts and our minds. They are not forgotten. We’ll keep fighing the fight, and at the very least we hope that we’re going to see that honorary game between the Tuscon Roadrunners and the Springfield Thunderbirds.

It’s an idea that we have talked about before. We suggested that the Tuscon Roadrunners, the team that is the former Springfield Falcons, has a friendly game with Springfield Thunderbirds, which is the new team that has found its home here at MassMutual. We’re still want to see that happen, as a tribute to the fans, maybe make it a regular annual game? Who knows. Let us know if you would like to see something like that happen. Until then, all the best, and go Thunderbirds… 🙂 .